During this time, it’s very easy to give in to the fear and the hysteria, but always remember, you can choose faith.

We believe that this time is temporary, and things will turn around very soon.

It's as if time has stood still, and we have been given an opportunity to take back what is ours. Look at this time as a blessing and an opportunity to lean in, and follow your dreams.

Take advantage.

Do that thing you’ve been wanting to do. Don’t put pressure on your self and take that first step. Take a dream you have, and break it into small and digestible pieces. One thing we have started doing is creating small daily goals and it has been so helpful.

Educate yourself. With such busy schedules, it's so easy to forget to learn. Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Start reading articles.

Journal. There are probably a million things running through your mind. It's not healthy to keep all of those thoughts in your head. So, we suggest putting them to paper daily. Don't just write down your fears, make sure to combat them with your blessings, and the truth. You’ll feel better afterward.

Meditate. Turn off Netflix, close your eyes and turn down your thoughts. To be honest, this is hard, but what a perfect time to practice!

Build a habit. Take this opportunity to start a morning routine, work out daily, or organize your closet. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. Why not start now?

Have faith. Do not worry or give in to the hysteria. Trust us, it will not solve anything. Look at the glass half full.

Oh, and Live, Laugh, and Love


The ladies at B.FREEDOM


  • Chloe Harrison said:

    I love this, perfect read during this crazy time. I’m definitely enjoying this time to refocus and reconnect with myself and God in a deeper way. Thanks for this post!

    March 18, 2020

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